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Uganda joined the rest the world in 2014 to mark the 25 years of the UN Convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) under the theme “CRC @ 25 counting the gains of children”.
Uganda as a country ratified the UNCRC in 1990 as progressive measure to protect and promote children`s rights in the country. SOS Children`s Villages Uganda this year was part of the leadership team at the forefront of lobbying the legislators in the Parliament of Uganda to:
  • Prioritize children’s’ issues in all agendas’ including; planning, budgeting among others as Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate 25 years of the Child Rights Convention.
  • Put in place and implement legislations that protect children from erroneous acts like inter-country adoption under the guise of foster-guardianship, child trafficking, forced marriages, child labor, among others.
Several amendments had been made especially in the areas of adoption, child trafficking, child labour among others but all these had stalled with no clear communication from the government as to why these amendments had taken long to be implemented. After successful parliamentary debates a private member`s bill was passed to review the amendments on the Children`s Act. This led to a formation of a committee to foresee progress. The committee task force held a retreat where they reviewed the first draft of the act in December 2014; after which a Certificate of financial implication to the private members would be gazetted in February 2015.
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